I started my coaching career as a Law of Attraction specialist,  but it took a slight turn In December 2014 when I realized that my greatest challenges are never about what people do to me, but rather how I respond.  They are about whether I can accept, understand , and thus rise above the emotions, both empowering or disempowering,  that other people’s actions cause inside me.

Taking 100% responsibility gives me the power to restore inner peace, a state of being than can be maintained only from within and which is so important to me.

This is the cornerstone of what I share and teach.  I am in the process of accomplishing this for myself, and in so doing, I hope to touch the hearts of people who are also searching for love and meaning of their lives.



My work is based on the premise that we are spiritual infinite beings having a human experience.  This belief asserts that this earth functions as a school for the evolution of consciousness.

Every single one of us has their own “spiritual” agenda and is conditioned accordingly, meaning, everyone will be conditioned according to what they are here to learn.

My work is also about helping you recognize the existence of that part of you that we call “your authentic self” or “your essence” or your Higher self”.  This is an integral facet of being beyond ego, beyond personality and beyond duality.  This is a state of consciousness, characterized by such qualities as acceptance, love, peace, joy, compassions, kindness, gratitude and wisdom.  It is the spirit part of your soul.

I strongly believe from this silent place of love, abundance and success come easily, gracefully and effortlessly.  I work with this concept of “installing” empowering beliefs in the sub-conscious and un-conscious through  the Alpha-Theta Mind State

Thank you for for reading this and it is my personal hope that you will  join me in the journey.

It can be fun. Let us grow through joy.


With love, as always,

Lian Henriksen

1st August 2016