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I have fallen in love with this concept of the Law of Attraction that we can learn to grow through joy rather than through pain, struggle and crisis.  I would like to help to spread this concept to other women so they too can live the life of their dreams.

About me Today

I started with Ayuverdic Yoga Massage in 2006.  In 2008, I developed Mind-Body Massage.  And in early 2009, I returned to Copenhagen and began seriously developing a clientele for my work.

In mind-body massage, I spend about 30% of the session, engaging my clients in deep conversations.  I found the clients were getting great relief though this.  And with time, I felt a need to carry out the conversations  in a more structured way.  My prayers were answered when about 6 months ago, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction Coaching.  The more I studied it, the more I realized I had found a treasure.  It has helped me much in my own growth but it has given me a tool to help women grow in ways that I did not think was possible!

The way Abraham Hicks presents the Universal Laws really talks to me.  I loved one of its main teachings  “The basis of my life is freedom, the purpose of my life if joy” Many of Abraham’s principles were not new nor very different from what I knew due to my Catholic and Buddhist background. But this emphasis on abundance is what really appeals to me.

I finally figured out what this word alignment means, and what the alignment process is about. I know that when I look at the management of my own vibrations and energy levels, that somehow and somewhere in me, is a place that keeps my soul alive. That in there is the source and supply of all things good that is happening to me…..that is the source of my flow.  Not only have I found Inner Peace but my zest for living has returned with full power and great joy. I know that life is a breath taking adventure and that I am the centre of all  I attract!

It is also becoming clearer and clearer lately, that my contribution to world peace, is to engage women in an exercise to increase awareness on the concepts of radical self responsibility, authentic leadership, interconnectedness and being co-creators of a future we wish to see.

This homepage and blog is created to be an interactive forum for women interested in being the change they would like to see. It would be lovely if you will engage and post your response.  And if you have any suggestions for improving this blog, please let me know.


Lian Henriksen

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