My Background

mother and sisters

My mother and her 4 daughters, I am the eldest.

My Education, Work & Life

I have written honestly, perhaps too vulnerably about my life’s experience, especially, the larger woundings of my life, as I call them. I don’t think I have “the answers” but I know that, by simply sharing my life and what I know and have experienced,  might provide you “the tools” that will help you find your own way. And if what I say does gives you that little push, I would be so grateful to have brought something of benefit to you. This is my only intention.
Born in Singapore and grew up in Malaysia, where I did my primary and secondary school education. I did my high school in Singapore and graduate studies in London, England. My high school studies was on science but I changed to Business Administration for my graduate studies because my grades in science was not good enough to gain entrance in the subject I wanted and in the university I wanted.

After graduation I worked for two years in Kuala Lumpur as board secretary specializing in tax matters. Because of disagreement with the Managing Director I quit and since then I have been self employed. This was 40 years ago in 1970.

Before I came to Denmark in 1983, I lived both in Malaysia, Hongkong and China. I came to Denmark because of my marriage to a Dane, and even after my divorce in 1987, have chosen to continue to live here because two of my children are Danish citizens.

In the first 10 years of my life here in Denmark, I worked as a potter but in 1986, I established my own company, with a partner, dealing in giftware. The name of the company was Kiki Design AS. In 1988, we decided to concentrate on importing and exporting, designing of garden pots from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The business was good, and when the firm went into voluntary liquidation, in 2003, we had a turnover of 25M Danish kroner and numbers of employees were 25. From one of the highest paid women in Denmark, I was penniless overnight, when the bank declared me personally bankrupt as a result of the firm’s liquidation and subsequent bankruptcy.

This is not the place that is appropriate to into the events that lead to my bankruptcy nor to the whys of things. But the fact is I never got back on to the horse so to speak.

Immediately after my firm went into the insolvency process, I was asked by the lawyers in charge to leave my position as managing director and chairman and my business partner, took over the running of the company. I left for Hanoi, Vietnam and for a while worked in a Danida aid project. After the project was completed I spent my time, at the Vietnamese Hospital of Traditional Medicine, learning acupressure and Chinese/Vietnamese herbal medicine.

I did a bit of travelling first in Asia but later in 2008, I went to live to Los Angeles, California. If things had worked out as planned, I would have settled there. But it turned out to be, instead the personal relationship and business I started with my partner then using my complete capital pension, failed after two years. Again this is probably not the place to go into the why of things.

But the short and the long is, I returned, completely broke, to Copenhagen in 2009 and this is where I am, in Blågårdsgade 16A, working in an area of healing both of the mind and the body.

As part of my mind training I have and still work part-time as a care giver in a home for the aged. This work has impressed upon me that it is very much my own responsibility not to enter the last third part of my life as a controlling and/or a depressed woman

It might be relevant to mention that I was declared sick with cancer of the uterus in 2000. I was emergency operated, declined any form of chemotherapy and radiation. To clean my body, I was for 5 years, 100% vegetarian, 100% teetotaler and 100% abstained from milk and milk products.

It is probably also relevant to mentioned that I have been married twice, and in two long term partnerships, the last ended in December 2008. My first marriage was to a Chinese. The divorce, in 1977, was painful and I lost / abandoned my two children for 8 years. This is probably the most painful thing I have to date suffered.

What I am trying to say that had it not been for my self- reflective and searching mind, I would today probably be a bitter old woman, negative and toxic. Instead, I do consider myself fairly balanced

And after almost 8 years I was declared solvent in april 2009. In august 2012 I decided to return to the business world.  I have just established my new firm, Mind-Body Basics. I am making my comeback into business as a Transformation Entreprenuer.  I get a kick by the very sound of the words!