Interactive Intensive using Law of Attraction

interactive-intensive-lian-henriksenThe Main Learning Objective:  of this 9 hour interactive intensive is Increasing your self-esteem by a minimum of 50%

I will be entering the subjects from the point of Law of Attraction (1) what you focus on expands and (2) your outer reality is a reflection of your inner world. And there will be two light body meditations during the Intensive.


The steps are:


Step Learning Objective
1. A self-evaluation of your state of mind now
2. Identify 10-15 of your core values out of a list of 300 core values that exisits
3. Write Your Mission Statement
4. Setting your goals for 5 core areas of your life
5. Identify and remove 5 blocks you have now

Place: Peter Fabersgade 1, kld. tv, 2200 N

Date: Saturday 29th October kl. 10.00 to 19.00 or Sunday 30th October 10.00 to 19.00

Price: 450 kr. – payable on registration (inclusive of light refreshments of fruits, nuts, tea)

RSVP: SMS appreciated 20619061


I got my job in my field.  I am so thankful.  Everything that I learnt from you really works when I use it and put it into my mind……………………….  Majida, Copenhagen …. 30th Sept. 2016

Tak for sidst.  Der var kompakt, inholdsrigt og spændende …….  Manja, Copenhagen 29th Sept. 2016

To participate in your work-shops and Drop-Ins is a wonderful process.  And in mentioning your age, you become living proof that it is possible, where ever you are on the life-line, to live and learn and develop gives fantastic meaning to life…………………………….     Kia, Copenhagen, 20th Sept. 2016

Please take few minutes to register now:

A little about me, Lian Henriksen** – The recovering superwoman – as long as I was an overachieving, never-sick female fully living out of the male-dominant worldview, I was not able to see patterns that are so commonly associated with women’s health problems, both physical and mental. As long as I saw myself as separate from other women, I could never understand that these patterns were part of many women’s struggle to be whole. In this way, my cancer, my 9 “divorces” and my personal bankruptcy were eye-openers.