Meditation for women

What is meditation?

It is a practice that makes it possible to cultivate and develop certain basic positive human qualities in the same way as other forms of training make it possible to play a musical instrument or acquire any other skill.  The two quotations below describe it so clearly.  I hope also the quotes will arouse your curiosity in such a way that you will join in one of our on-line courses.

The point of Buddhist meditation is not to stop thinking, for cultivation of insight clearly requires intelligent use of thought and discrimination. What needs to be stopped is conceptualization that is compulsive, mechanical and unintelligent. that is, activity that is always fatiguing, usually pointless, and at times seriously harmful
                                              Allan Wallace
We don’t need to train our minds to improve our ability to get upset or jealous.  We don’t need an anger accelerator or a pride amplifier.” By contrast, training the mind is critical if we want to refine and sharpen our attention; develop emotional balance, inner peace, and wisdom, and cultivate dedication to the welfare of others.  We have within ourselves the potential to develop these qualities but they will not develop by themselves or just because we want them to.  THEY REQUIRE TRAINING. And all training requires perseverance and enthusiasm, as I have already said.  We don’t learn to ski by practicing one or two minutes a month 
Tibetan Master Jigme Khyetse Rinphoche 
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