MIND-BODY MASSAGE and Reiki Healing

What is mind-body massage?

Many of my clients have asked it and now I will put it into words.
The massage itself, is full body massage, and is based on Ayuverdic Yoga Massage, an Indian massage form that I learnt in KohPhang Ann, near Bangkok, Thailand. I also learnt both Acupressure , Vietnamese massage and Qi Gong from the Hospital Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Overtime, I have taken away some movements and added others. I also use both Triggerpoints and acupressure on meridianpoints in cases of acute pain and sometimes to unblock energy in the body meridians

Essentially the massage itself is to release stressed muscles and stressed ligaments in the body. This releasing help the body to naturally align itself. But it also has another major effect, it signals to the brains, to be more precise the pituitary gland, to release oxytocin, often referred to as the love hormone and happy hormone.

As I believe very much in the connection between the psyche, the emotional body, and the physical body, my massages are usually given after we had had about a 30 minutes exchange of information. During this discussion, I usually ask the client, how she is feeling now and what is bothering her at point in this time. As I often say to my clients, I can relieve your pain or your stressed area but unless you take care of the cause, it will come back again. A massage can only treat your symptoms. Yes, your muscles never forget!

I am trained to help you recognize the different aspects of yourself. And through talking with you, you learn about your inner landscape, the metaphysical aspect of you.And I am also trained to ask power questions, because we believe that through answering these questions, you bring to surface the answers and solutions, that lie latent within yourself. I try to help you to see that some of the things you do are bringing yourself out of alignment or that sometimes, because your body is out of alignment, you do some of these things that bring you further out of alignment. Does this make sense to you?

Thirdly, through the process of entrainment (see note below), when I work very, very, very, very slowly on your back, I try to connect with your heart with loving thoughts and mantras. It is my intention to put you is a space/mind set where you can receive the healing energy of the Universe. This gentle intimate sense of touch affects your chakra, meridians as well as your brain.

Lastly, at the end of the massage, you are asked to listen for 10 minutes a piece of music using alpha wave It put you into a totally relaxed space that gives you inner peace and a sense of joy that I hope you take with you when you step into the streets of Copenhagen.

All this takes about 90 minutes.

* entrainment means applying an outside influence on the brain to bring the vibrations to the desired level.  Entrainment may be effected through several avenues, however using sound, is easy and effective.  The sound vibration is coordinated with the target brain frequency.  When consciously used along with the proper exercises, the alpha state can be achieved effortlessly.



reiki-healing-lian-henriksenIn Febuary 2016, I completed my Reiki I & II and Seichem I & II with MS. Mohanie Ahangama, Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am trained to connect you with the Reiki energy (Universal Life Force)  for healing,  personal growth and removal of negativity from your physical, mental,  emotional and  spiritual bodies.

Full reiki healing is hand on, no massage, lasting 60 – 75 minutes and costs 450 kr.