Private Coaching

What is private coaching ?

At one time, only very, very privileged  professionals, executives, and politicians had coaches.  But today it is popular, common and affordable.  How do you think all the top Danish sports stars, like Caroline Wozniocki  got where they are?   Many of us even have a coacher in the fitness centers to get a healthy body.  I go for coaching regularly myself!

When you use me as your coach, it will be a on- going collaborative partnership centered on achieving your goals.  I am there to support you.  It is a professional service providing you with feed backs, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point.  Even a wise person sometimes seek advice, because one of the things we don’t do so well is to see really ourselves and  the consequences of our choices and behavior. We are the last person to figure that out, because we all live in a world that we have created in our own minds.  Have you not experienced, where you can see someone you know heading towards trouble and going the wrong way and yet she is not aware of it herself?

My job as your coach is to ask you powerful questions that allow you to make choices that are good for yourself and bring you in the flow.

Yes, I am your coach and you are my client and I also say we are going to develop a very close relationship and over time we will be friends.  Yes, there is this line, and we want this understanding because we are going into conversations that are probably different from that you will ever take with anybody else, family and spouse included.

I am always going to have my arm around you and you know I will always care. But you must also know that I will always have my other arm free.  Every now and then I may just need to use it, to give you a punch on your nose or a smack on your bottoms.  I am probably going to be the only one that is going to call you on your stuff.  Of course, I care how you feel, but more important for me is that I really want to see you succeed and achieve your goals.  I have a deep interest to help you be happy and stay happy and get the best out of your life and the intention of this relationship is to help you stay in the flow.

You need to know, like and trust me. This for me is important. To help you know me, please read the the unedited feedbacks and watch the video below:

What is the Law of Attraction?

Abraham Hicks: That which is like unto itself is drawn

Very simply put:

The Law of Attraction states you will attract into your life whatever you focus on, both consciously and unconsciously.  So if you stay focused on the good and positive things of your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things in your life.  In this way you are a deliberate creator.

When I first met the Law of Attraction in 2006, in the film “The Secret”, I thought it was just  superficial. But 5 years later, I think very differently and realised that what was high lighted in the film was just scratching the surface of the whole concept. The concept is not new, but Abraham Hicks presented it in a way that was fun.  And I like that, that life is not meant to be a suffering and struggle, but one of JOY. I love that an age old truth be presented this way.

In the Law of Attraction we work with the other Universal laws which are:
  • the 2nd Universal Law – the Law of deliberate creation
  • the 3rd Universal Law – the Law of Allowing
  • the 4th Universal Law – the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance
  • the 5th Universal Law – the Law of Pure Potentiality
  • the 6th Universal Law –  the Law of Detachment
  • the 7th Universal Law – the Law of Polarity

How does Law of Attraction coaching work?

These empowering coaching sessions are usually conducted over the phone and  last 45-60 minutes. I coach “in the moment” so everything discussed during the sessions is related to you and what you desire in your life. I will provide you with tools you can use to reconnect with your true self. This alignment of energy will allow you to attract anything you desire. Using principles of the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, I will guide you through simple processes and meditations that you can then incorporate into your daily life, moving you toward your awesome future! All clients are required to sign a Coaching Agreement prior to the initial session.

How many sessions do I need?

I have different coaching packages that I have personalized for each client. Typically, I works with clients for a minimum of six months. This amount of time will generally allow you to experience change and see things manifest. After that, it depends on your progress. You may desire continued regular coaching and purchase another package, or just purchase individual sessions “as needed” if you feel “stuck” again or want clarity about a situation in your life.

What is the cost?

To determine which coaching package is best for you, please send an email to

Send Email with “Private 1-on-1 Coaching Request” in the subject line, and I will contact you to schedule a complimentary introductory session.