Create Your Legacy through Your Relationships

LIVE-LOVE-LEARN-LEGACY – Developing awareness on the question “What legacy will you leave our children?”

What relationships change does the world need? What relationship changes do we as individuals need? What relationship changes do we need in the way we treat others, including your primary partner? What relationship change do we need in the way we treat the Universe/God/All That Is/Supreme Consciousness

All interesting questions that I hope will be brought up into an open forum

 And it is my hope that while reflecting on these questions, it will help you answer this? “What is my legacy?”

Usually, when you ask people, what is their legacy, they just give you shrug on their shoulders. Why do most people think that legacies are for politicians and important people? Why do they think it is a frill?

Legacy simply means something we do that will last

We create our legacy during our lifetime with the choices we make



“In 100 years all the people that live today are probably dead. Your legacy is the most important part of you. It is the part of you that will last. Why do you throw it away? We need to own it consciously and nurture it consciously and nurture it. We draw from the past and the present to touch an infinite future with our finite lives. Conflict in the Middle East is a result of a legacy.

Legacy can be a burden or a gift. Addressing the legacy issues and you make a trajectory to the future generations. A legacy is the result of a psychological way of being that is bigger than the individual and will allow us to address big challenges.

We need to consciously own our legacy and create our legacy every day. Contemplate what really matters to us and why. We need to dance (?) We need to think and act bigger. We need to be bigger.

The elders out there can be a huge help.

We are experiencing a demographic shift worldwide. In the first time in history, +60 people will soon outnumber children under 15. Older people are in a bigger place in their lives. In the first 50 years of our life, we are looking for security, for the rest of our lives, we are looking for significance. Older people are very conscious of their legacy and we need them.

We need to mobilize this “social capital” of all elders. We can catalyze the journey to a 7 generation world. We need to unlock the gates and set these generations free.

We are a very segregated society, especially in the west. We divide our country by age – what if…. We go for life-long learning. 70% of elders want to create a legacy and on the other end, each child needs 4-5 adults to develop socially and emotionally adults/people.

Peer socialization – children need older people. We need to bring together in strategic for everything including social education.” from Legacyproject S.Bosak


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With my love, as always,

Lian Henriksen

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