Prosperous Future – Irresistible You

A Core Desire Discovery Process using Turbo Alpha-Theta Mind Visualisations


Prosperous Future – Irresistible You is a 2 x 3 day weekend intensive with an interval of 30 days between the 2 intensives

By the end of the 1st 3 day intensive you will

  1. Be a better creator and designer of your own life better equipped than 80% of women out there
  2. Identify your 3 desires/needs in 3 out of the 8 core areas of your life

Because you will be completely clear with what you desire in your life, there will be no confusion. Without confusion, attracting what you need is effortless.

Part 1 of Prosperous Future – Irresistible You

Day 1

Segment 1 – Self knowledge

Segment 2 – Self Love

Segment 3 – To instil the most important core belief in your sub-conscious – The source of your abundance is YOU

Day 2

Segment 4 – Your Needs/Wants/Desires

Segment 5 –  How you think and How you feel

Segment 6 – Your self-sabotaging core beliefs

Day 3

Segment 7 – Where are you now?

Segment 8 – Where do you want to go?

Segment 9 – Short Revision, Your Take home. Your homework till next intensive in the form of a work book.

Part 2 of Prosperous Future – Irresistible You

Is also a 3 day intensive.


  • It will be a Follow Up on the learning objectives of the various segments in Part 1.
  • More on re-setting core beliefs
  • Get greater clarity as what you want to create in the future, where in the next three years is better and more expansive.
  • How do you create a reality that would actually work for you.


Part 1 – 26th to 28th August 2016

Part 2 – 23rd to 25th Sept 2016


Time: 16.00 – 10.30 on Friday, 08.30 to 19.00 on Saturday and Sunday

Place: Peter Fabers Gade 1, kld. tv, 2200 N

(by the yellow wall of Assitens Kirkegård)

Costs for both week-ends 4.490 kr.  (payment by 6 instalments available)

Number of seats available : 10 maximum

Refreshments and lunch will be provided for all days

For more info: Attend introductory workshop “ 3 massive mistakes career women make that keep them struggling with the fear of the future and lack of money”  Date: 10th, 17th and 24th August 2016 same place time: 18.00 to 20.00   Reservation call: 20619061

Who am I?

I am a 70 year old  women, and I now consider myself a “transformation entrepreneur” who gets a big kick out of starting business and helping others. I have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, England, China & Hongkong, California and now Denmark.  I have experienced the ups and downs of life.  For example, I have gone from one of the highest paid women in the 1990s, as a director of my own firm, to a poor church mouse, after  being declared personally bankrupt by the bank in a matter of  days. This was in 2003.

I am now focusing on growth, my own and others, in particular professional women.  I also do mind-body massages that give me a chance to move from the mind to the body.  I am holistic in my approach and I work for the alignment of the body, the mind, the emotions and feelings and the spirit

I look forward to working with you and thank you for believing that I can be an instrument in helping you manifest your vision.

With my love,
Lian Henriksen

More Information:

You can choose from the followings models:

  • 1-on-1 coaching which will be held at my office
  • 1-on-1 online coaching on skype
  • Group coaching of minimum 3 participants in my office
  • Group coaching of a minimum of 3 participants on skype


  • 1-on-1 coaching at my office is 3.600kr inclusive a follow session 2 weeks after module 6 and includes a mind-body massage
  • 1-on-1 coaching on skype is 2.400kr
  • group coaching in of 3 participants in my office is 1.800kr
  • Group coaching of a minimum of 3 participants on skype  1500kr

instalment of 3 available, in advance.

Money back guarantee – full refund if after 1 week of course end, you write and tell me that what you learnt is of no value to you, I will give you your money back without any further question.