Law of Attraction - Coaching
For me, meeting with Lian meant a huge change in my life!

I have had the opportunity to do two courses with Lian (“The 40 days Abundance Program” and “Self Love”), and it has really changed my life forever!


Very conscious of what people thought and felt about me.

Did not dare open my mouth in large groups.

Was focused on the things that did not work for me.

Poor as a church mouse.

Often sad and despondent.

No confidence in my own abilities.

No goal or direction for my life.


I totally do not care what people think and feel about me.

I speak often in large groups, and I can clearly see that they listened to me.

I look at myself with completely different eyes. I feel strong, dignified, brilliant and alive!

I am grateful for what I have, and the more I feel the joy of what I have, the more I get!

I feel rich in love and experiences, and I feel that the more I see myself as rich, things just flow all into my life.

My mood is mostly on 8-9 on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the best. And when I am sad sometimes, it is very easy for me to get my spirits up again.

My faith in my own abilities have shifted radically. I still work with blockages, but I am, aware of where I myself, and that in itself is a great achievement.

I am now not longer in doubt as to how I move through in my life. From having had a feeling of just having to kill time, I now have goals. I’ve taken control of my own life, and it’s a great feeling. And I now believe firmly that I will succeed in creating what I want.

Obviously my new “status” didn’t just come to me. There is a lot of work behind, but it has been worth every second!

So if you need to make changes in your life, I highly recommend Lian’s courses and coaching
Law of Attraction - Coaching
Dear Lian

Thank you for everything. You have been an indispensable help over the last 3 years. You have the tools needed for any situation and I feel that I have to develop myself and my skills in Comet Speed, but still felt safe, loving and balanced. thanks to you!

You have helped me in my relationship with my partner / family life/ motherhood and career, through removal of blockages and anxiety. Lately I’ve got my dream job and a funding of 2.4 million Danish kroner. – Thank you

I use daily the processes of Laws of attraction, both in my work and private life and since I have started doing it, everything falls into place.

You have my warmest recommendations and I look forward to many good sessions in the future.

Love Yun
Law of Attraction - CoachingKH
line Christensen
Graphic, Web and Production Designer
T:  +45 53 23 60 98
For me, the processes used in coaching was a clear eye opener.

The method that was used led me to define relevant problems and they ended out to define my goals and aspirations, and to see the potential solutions in front of me.

I very much appreciate the method Lian presented, to help me obtain an overview and insight.
Law of Attraction - CoachingIben Sandahl Ehrhorn
Systemic / narrative psychotherapist
I have been coming to Lian in just over two years and have had great joy and benefit of her skills.

Basically it was Liana massage, I came for – and I took advantage of. Here I experienced a great sense of human energies, and responsiveness to the body’s needs. I’m, through Lian been aware that the body five senses is able to recall – as the mind does too. Her strong fingers and lovely music always made me feel balanced and full of light and peace – when I left her massage.

As I have gone to Lian quite often, I have been lucky enough to be able to follow her on her exciting journey with the Law of Attraction, Feminine Power and coaching. She has shared her knowledge, and I am glad to able to have taken in many of the new ideas.

I have been particularly pleased that the technical aspect of the processes used in the Law of Attraction – here Lian extensive knowledge, supplement these processes with many useful exercises and assignments.

There is no doubt that Lian can something unique.

In addition, she is a lovely warm and giving person who has an important mission in life, which she passionate about.

And of course I will recommend her to everyone.

Law of Attraction - Coaching
I can definitely recommend you strongly to all who want to move as a human being!

I do not think that the key has been coaching style but more you, the person you are, which has been crucial for me.

Maybe I have been most focused on the development and not so much on the methods. I do not think I have a super clear picture of when we used different techniques.

Think it’s inspiring that you have so great a curiosity to learn new methods, you will constantly grow and continue to be young.

It’s beautiful!

For me, coaching has given me a positive mantra to look at and repeat.

I hope you can use this in someway.

It seems I’ve gotten a lot out of coming to you and hope you still have time to help me every now and then …
Law of Attraction - Coaching
A few words about what your work has done for me (to your website :) I find that Mind Body massage, for me, has been an opening into some new dimensions of life. A recognition and an experience of and with the body. It is a way to experience life through the body, to take care and love the most precious thing we have. Ut reminds me of the right to be free and sensual individuals. For me it has been and still is, a journey into the soul’s depths, in order to find peace with life’s conditions and the presence of all that is. Hope all is well with you
Best regards,
Stinne Bo
Law of Attraction - Coaching
For me, it was in the beginning difficult to work with the processes.

I was confronted with questions and tasks to which I had initially appeared not to have a simple answer or a correct solution.

In this way, I felt not right if I did not come with the “correct, good and satisfactory answers.”

It was hard because I had to say some things out loud or write down some things on paper, which I had not thought much about before, and thus move me out of my “inner unknown territory” and into a cognition, lined with mirrors and could be unpleasant to deal with.

BUT, that being said, it must also be said that, eventually working with the processes became easier, because I came in better contact with my intuitive side, and it can be a huge relief to learn my darker corners, and bad habits ar are also a part of one’s personality and greatly contributes to the color of my life.

What I especially took with me through coaching sessions, was a new awareness of who I am, what I can, where I come from and where I want to go, and the belief that “it is possible”. Furthermore, I have some good tools that I can use in my work as a future doctor, and in my personal relationships.

I have followed Lian’s professional life for nearly 5 years, first in her body treatments, and now as a coach. There is no doubt that she is really passionate about her work as a coach and that she engages deeply in the individual.

Lian is forever interested in expanding your and her own horizon and the motivation behind her work is sincere, loving and honest.

Lian has, at any time, my warmest recommendations!

Kenda Christensen,

Medical Student
Law of Attraction - Coaching
I think it works really well to prepare for the coaching sessions. In this way, there has been awareness of I wanted to talk about and why.

In the beginning it was hard to keep up and to know what to do with the processes, but as soon as I was walked through them, they won and they are of a great benefit! As it became easier to use them, the sessions got easier and I found the processes also be used in other aspects of my life.

Coaching sessions helped me to clarify my wishes. I was guided by Lian who helped me to express my ideal desires and I really felt anything could happen.

I think you are incredibly warm and pleasant to talk to. You say things as they are. That I like. However, in the beginning, I think it went too fast . I did not know what the processes were used for. I suggest that maybe for someone who is having a session for the first time, you just need to spend more time to explain what the process suggested is about.

I have already thought of many in my network I would recommend coaching with you. I just think it’s hard to say to someone: “I think you may benefit from coaching.”

I do not understand questions 4 but if you are asking if there is something you could be get better in, I can not think of anything now. I hope you wont change your style. If I think of something I have forgotten to share with you, something practical, I will certainly let you know.
Law of Attraction - Coaching
Feedback about the coaching session on ‘Law of Attraction’ by Lian Henriksen

1. Comments on the processes used and how they could have helped you.

This has meant that my thoughts were turned and I very quickly turned around negative ways of thinking.

2. What did you get out of the coaching session?

A far greater joy in the process I’m in

3. Was there anything you in particular you liked or did not like about my coaching style?

I really like that you built up my energy level with the exercises I went through.

4. Would you be able to recommend this coaching form to anyone in your network?

Yes, I will!

Peter Hald
Marketing Manager
Law of Attraction - Coaching
Dear Lian.

I have benefited from my two coaching hours with you, in that it has made me become more reflective in relation to my two issues in question

One topic I got hold after the first coaching hour with you, giving me

a new energy and courage. The second issue requires more work, but I am on the right path and am using the tools you gave me.

I have already recommended your coaching form to others.

Kh Anne Charlotte
Law of Attraction - Coaching
Comments on the processes used and how they may have benefited you?

It seems very simple, if it is targeted coaching. I think it is great the scale of emotions in terms of the Law of Attraction. I was quite low on the scale and has since worked with that. I generally do not have as much confidence in the Universe and it comes comes from fear. And that is something fundamental in me that I have taken with me from when I was little. In those situations where we have something so strongly ingrained it requires more work to transform. So I am unsure of the coaching process. Also in relation to the people who honestly do not know what they want because they have not listened to themselves in a long time

I have used the Desire Statment, but not every day. But I feel it has a good motivation and opportunity and will continue to say it aloud more often than I have done.

What did you get out of the coaching session?

I must confess, I can not remember so much from coaching, except the Desire Statement and the Law of Attraction Scale of Emotions. But I remember that I was surprised how hard it was to express my wishes clearly. But I think it’s just me.

It was however great to get help to see clearly what it is I want in my life.

Was there anything you particularly liked or did not like about my coaching style?

I think you are very spacious and warm in your coaching and good to explain and support. Sometimes it might seem as if you were a little impatient when I found it a little difficult to express what it was I wanted in my Desire Statement. But overall it was really good!

What can you suggest that I am better in?

Maybe once in a while a little more patience. A little more explanation. It is not generally about you, but I’m the type who likes to sit face to face, and not so much online coaching. But it’s a question of personal taste.

Would you be able to recommend this coaching form to anyone in your network?

Yes, I’d like to.

Hope that makes sense. Otherwise ask you just :)

Have a nice evening. Hope you are well.