The Coming Drop-Ins on The Law of Attraction

In Sept.2018,  I am doing 3 Drop-Ins  on Law Of Attraction  details below of page

 I have decided that the September Drop-ins will be purely “social”

 What I would like to see advocates of the Law of Attraction to come together in person, to support each other in the way we use the Principles of The Law of Attraction. Let us be a group of good vibrations using Law of Attraction principles. ALL are welcomed though this group is primarily for men and women that are under 50 years

 Let us:

–       Share our successes using the different Law of Attraction Principles

–       Let us learn to observe without judgment

–       Let us ask questions

–       Let us get answers from each other.

–       Let us just get together, relax and get to know each other

–       Let us share a light meal together

–       Let us laugh together

–       Listen to Esther Hicks on YouTube from time to time

 Cost: Free but a “donation” of 50kr is asked to cover light refreshments including a light meal. Pre-payment to Mobil Pay (Business) 41015

Time: 18.00 to 20.30

Place: Mind-body Basics

Peter Fabers Gade 1, kld, tv, Copenhagen 2200N, Dk


 Dates: Wednesday, 12 Sept. 2018

            Wednesday 19th Sept 2018

            Wednesday  26th Sept. 2018

RSVP is necessary with an sms to 53583828 and pre-payment is necessary


WORK-SHOP on Law of Attraction

The 3 Common Mistakes -50  career men and women make, that keep them struggling with the Law of Attraction and not manifesting what they desire. Learn to avoid them once in for all, through a LoA powerful tools

Date: Wednesday 10th October 2018

Time: 18.00 to 20-30

Place: Mind-Body Basics, Peter Fabersgade 1, kld, tv, 2200N

Donation: 100kr (incl. Light refreshments) – pre-payment necessary on mobil pay business – 41015

RSVP: 53583828 – necessary


It is a spiritual law and the  6 main principles I will concentrate on are:

1.  You are a vibrational being. Everything in the Universe is energy.

2.  You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical

3.  Every thought radiates a signal and every thought attracts a matching signal back. You are a creator, you create with every thought.  If you want to receive abundance you must send out abundance.

4.  What you focus on expands, both conscious or unconscious, both positive and negative

5.  Your outer landscape is a reflection of your inner landscape or said in other words your inner world creates your outer world.

6.  Ask and it shall be given, both conscious and unconscious.


Every Drop-In leave some new points.  It does inspire  and make me aware of “black holes”. I always take great inspiration in your personal story ……   Janne, Copenhagen, 19th Sept, 2016


I got my job in my field.  I am so thankful.  Everything that I learnt from you really works when I use it and put it into my mind……………………….  Majida, Copenhagen …. 30th Sept. 2016


Tak for sidst.  Der var kompakt, inholdsrigt og spændende …….  Manja, Copenhagen 29th Sept. 2016


To participate in your work-shops and Drop-Ins is a wonderful process.  And in mentioning your age, you become living proof that it is possible, where ever you are on the life-line, to live and learn and develop gives fantastic meaning to life…………………………….     Kia, Copenhagen, 20th Sept. 2016


A little about me Lian Henriksen

I have, sort of, come a full circle. I have not given teaching the Law of Attraction much focus the last year but now with so many successes behind me the last year, I feel ready to teach it again.  I am renewing my passion for the Law of Attraction and I hope you will join me. My biggest hope is by sharing with you the tools that have worked (and still working) for me that you will bring more happiness into your life.

Date: 25th August 2018